How it works – for agents

The first step is making a commitment to providing good customer service. Then sign up to AgentTracker and we’ll get you registered on the site.

To get your profile page underway, all you need to do is provide a photo of your branch and a logo – we'll take care of the rest.

Once your have seen and approved your page, we will invoice you, send you login details to access the site and you’re on your way to creating genuine testimonials.

The better you perform, the higher you go. Customers will see their search results in order of AgentTracker status and ratings, so keep up the good work and show potential customers how good you are.

Using the service

Here’s how it happens and what you need to do:

1) Tell your potential clients about the site, it is a great marketing tool for you to use.

When you’ve agreed to act for your customer, inform them that you’d like their feedback after you’ve completed the sale or purchase, using AgentTracker.

Click here for a download explaining AgentTracker to your customer.

2) Give the customer (sellers, buyers and landlords) their PIN code on exchange or completion

Log into your control panel, and enter your customer’s email address*, road name and postcode and click ‘generate code’. This unique code is for your customer to access the system to leave their review and they will receive this by email.

3) Your customer leaves feedback on AgentTracker

The customer receives an email from us with clear instructions on how to access the site. The customer enters their PIN code to access the system, and gives their ratings and comments. There is no need for them to register any other details (giving their name is optional), it’s all kept simple and should only take a few minutes.

4) We moderate, verify and publish the review

All reviews are held for moderation and verification by AgentTracker. You'll be notified so that you have an opportunity to respond. If the comments are positive, we'll publish the review straight away (you can write a response even after the comments have gone live). Otherwise, if the comments are not so good, we will invite you to write a response before we publish the review.

5) Your rating and status is recalculated

See below.

* Your customer’s details will not be passed onto any 3rd party.

How your rating is calculated

Your rating is based on how many positive reviews you’ve received in the previous 3 months. A review is deemed positive when you are scored 3 or more out of 5 in each of the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Friendliness of Staff
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of Area
  • Overall service

AgentTracker ratings

You will earn your first star after receiving 2 positive reviews, building up to 5 stars when you receive 8 within a 3 month time frame.

Click here for more details on ratings.

What’s your status?

RatingsIf 4 or more customers leave a positive review within 3 months, they become a Silver Status Agent

If that is repeated, ie 8 or more customers leave positive reviews over 6 months you become a Gold Status Agent. You need to be a member for a minimum of 6 months to obtain your Gold Status

To maintain this status:

If 8 reviews are not reached after a further 6 months then the Gold is removed and Silver is removed if another 4 are not reached in the following 3 months.

Click here for more details on status.