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Estate Agent Charges

Nearly all estate agents calculate their fees as a percentage of the final selling price of the property, which could be up to 2.5%. However multiple estate agencies how been found to charge up to 3.5%. This is known as the rate of commission. You should also check if the following are included in this percentage fee or have to be paid for in addition:

·  Advertising costs
·  Costs of preparing details of the house including photographs 
 ·  A ‘For Sale’ board 
 ·  VAT.

If you decide to use an estate agent, the estate agent must confirm the charges and rate of commission that will be made. The estate agent must do this when they agree to act for you.

You may also have to take in consideration whether you would like to pay a fixed comminssion? Pecentage fees may mean good news for an estate agency if they are selling an exspensive house but you may feel like your not getting the same service if your selling a studio however, make sure you've got your caluculater at the ready as sometimes fixed commissions can cost more.

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