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When Service is not just a Buzz Word

19 July 2011


It has been said before that we are in a review culture and that review sites are here to stay. Trip Advisor is now the travel bible along with the Lonely Planet guides. What do they actually offer and how can an estate agent embrace them?
The key part of review sites is that they allow the consumer to provide feedback on their experiences which in most instances is the service they have received.
Estate agents should embrace this and use it as part of their service solution. However, this alone should not be their only solution. Good customer service should not need thinking about it should come naturally because it should be at the heart of how a business is run.
Thinking as a consumer what annoys us when we receive poor customer service?
·         Rude and not well presented staff
·         Call unreturned
·         Uninformed staff
·         Incorrect information
This is not an exhaustive list but it shows that the majority of irritations are normally minor and easily remedied. In our normal working life can we all honestly say that either our company or any of the staff have never fallen into one of the categories above? Using the simple mantra of always treat people how you would want to be treated yourself should mean that a vast majority of issues can be eradicated. Good customer service is not rocket science and should be easy to achieve.
A good indicator of how proactive a company is on customer service is how they deal with a complaint. You cannot always please everyone or get it right first time we are all human after all. How the complaint is dealt with or the issue resolved will show how embedded customer service is in a business.
Following feedback we have put together a top 5 Estate Agent Service Tips.
1.       Clear and concise literature and sales particulars of the property
2.       Provide feedback the days after viewings even if no contact has been made with the perspective buyer
3.       Provide regular updates on what marketing activity you are using to help sell the property
4.       An initial true valuation of what the property is worth
5.       Continued updates post offer acceptance as this is normally the most stressful part of the process
People want to feel that they are getting value for money during the process. Going the extra mile always help. If you know how many website hits the property is getting per week then tell the client it shows an interest.
Whilst the above all seems very simple we believe that if they are followed on a regular basis then an estate agent should not have any fears about review sites. Good service should be embraced and talked about.
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