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Ratings site will help landlords stay clear of troublesome tenants

26 April 2012

Ratings site will help landlords stay clear of troublesome tenants
A new service to help safeguard landlords against troublesome tenants has been launched in Bromley.
The free web service, provided by TENANTS HISTORY, will allow landlords and letting agents to rate their tenants on a website.
Landlords and lettings agents can register and upload all their new and existing tenants and then rate them when they leave the property, creating a footprint of who that tenant is, where they have lived and a rating from that landlord.
The website was created by STEVE HANBURY as an additional branch to his family’s buy-to-let business S & S HANBURY PROPERTIES LIMITED.
Steve said “As landlords we are sometimes the last to know when the tenant decides disappear without warning, also not paying their last month’s rent and before we’ve even had a chance to inspect the property. Tenants History will help towards combating this. If a tenant is searched on the website, an email will be sent straight away from Tenants History to the relevant landlord stating their tenant has been searched, therefor the tenant is looking to move. This should allow landlords the time to inspect the property to meet with the tenant before they move on or possibly think about doing a runner. The website can also be used by landlords who want to try and keep good tenants; as if they are aware a tenant has been searched and is looking to move they can try to find them suitable alternative accommodation.
Service user Kayla Perry from London housing solutions said: ‘The most common issue for landlords are problem tenants.
‘As a large landlord company with a high turnover of tenants, both good and bad, what better way to inform others about our tenants than to place them on the website. The website ensures future landlords are renting their properties to the right clientele.’
The company has also just launched a tradesman and estate agent directory, which has been sponsored by estate agent rating service Agent Tracker, along with a cost effective credit check and rent guarantee service.
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