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Valuation vs Survey

09 June 2011

During the summer months when we're enjoying the warmer days and lighter nights, it's common for us to start thinking about and looking for that perfect new home. Buying a property can seem complicated but if you make sure you have all the facts and information it doesn't need to be. If you're looking to buy a property then remember sometimes a property that seems "perfect" can have faults or problems that only a fully qualified and registered RICS surveyor can detect. So, with this in mind, it's important for you to understand the difference between a valuation and a survey - so you know exactly what to expect for your money.

Most people don't realise that a valuation is just that, an assessment of value and not a survey. It's normally instructed by your lender and is required when you apply for a mortgage –it's solely for the lender’s benefit in assessing the property as suitable security for a mortgage. By investing in a survey, such as a Colleys Property Check, you will get a clear and easily understood report on the condition of the property.  A Colleys Property Check utilises repair categories which explain the condition of the property and indicate the urgency of any repairs, allowing you to plan or budget for any remedial work before you even move in. And it’s prepared for you, not the lender. A Colleys Property Check also allows you direct access to the surveyor should you have any questions or want to discuss any issues – which is perfect to help you make that decision – to buy or not to buy!
A Colleys Property Check will provide you with:
  • Peace of mind – the surveyor will take a closer look at the property and report on issues, giving you more detail than just a valuation
  • A stronger bargaining position - you may be able to negotiate with the seller if you have better knowledge of the property. A Colleys Property Check could save you money
  • Personal advice - you can discuss any specific issues or concerns directly with the surveyor

    Colleys is one of the largest valuation and surveying businesses of its kind in the UK, offering residential property expertise through a range of survey and valuation products. You will benefit from a national service with local knowledge where all of the products have been designed with you in mind. 
For more information on the Colleys Property Check and details on the service simply visit 
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