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What's a house doctor?

01 March 2012


I had an interesting chat with Lynn Pick a “House doctor”, did you know they even existed in real life, and work out very good value for money. Its not like an interior designer, I had a look at her site and was amazed at what she did, I will let her explain more….
HOME MAKEOVERS...for selling...for living...for you
Lyn Pick
We are a small, friendly company in the Midlands, offering professional home makeovers or makeover advice, whether you plan to sell, or simply want to enjoy living in your home. Our home staging makeover services increase the saleability of your property, whilst our home makeover, de-cluttering and home organisation services improve your standard of living.
We often work with extremely low budgets, offering practical solutions rather than more costly traditional interior design ideas. We can help with anything from a simple room makeover to a beautifully styled new home. A Home Makeover Consultation alone might be all you need - take the advice and complete the project yourself. Or maybe you'd prefer a Full Home Makeover?
You can choose how involved you want to be with the planning/shopping/styling process. We cover all of the Midlands, but if you're further afield, we can still plan your project in detail, with a Home Makeover Report.
Clutter and household “mess” won’t scare us, so please don’t let this stop you from calling - we can eliminate problems much sooner if we see them first hand!
Our Consultant, Lynn Pick, is a Senior Consultant, Mentor and Trainer on the official "House Doctor Network", and has worked alongside the House Doctor on many projects.
If you're planning to sell a property, our House Doctor Consultant will show you some home staging techniques that ensure a faster, more profitable sale than if it was left unprepared for today's slow market. We've numerous low-budget examples to show you, including several properties that sold within days... after being stuck on the market for almost a year!
If you're simply updating your home, our home makeovers transform it into a decorative, organised haven designed to suit your lifestyle. How nice to be able to invite friends on the spur of the moment, rather than having to spend several hours scooping clutter into boxes, to "sort later"! Often our clients just want us to finish what they've started - sometimes years ago - as they ran out of inspiration! Large or small homes, old or new, tidy or cluttered, full or empty - we style them all. Challenge us!
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