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Tenant History

15 February 2012


Tenants History Ltd ( was launched a year ago and is a NO COST service to help landlords and letting agents identify troublesome tenants, whilst highlighting the good!!  The website is being run from their office in South London by Mr Steve Hanbury, as an additional branch to his family's buy-to-let business.  Steve said his involvement in the rental business was behind the idea of offering a service that he knows will benefit both landlords, letting agents and tenants.
Steve also said: "We have got a portfolio of buy to let properties, we've have had good tenants but also not-so-good tenants, which means we have lost huge amounts of money in the past."  The primary aim of the website will be to help landlords and letting agents avoid problems of being landed with tenants who could cause them problems.
Letting agents and landlords joining the scheme will simplly be able to upload their new and existing tenants on to the Tenants History website.  A rating will be provided when tenants move giving other landlords an indication of a tenant's history should they approach them to take out a new tenancy.  Furthermore this then creates an actual footprint of the tenant, where they have previously lived and a rating from a previous landlord.  Also you will be able to get contact details of the previous letting agent or landlord, should someone need to take it further and get a reference.  This in turn will help to create a detailed portfolio that can be examined by others.
Under the scheme, you'll be able to rate tenants on a scale of one to five, covering what are considered to be good tenants.  There will be a separate rating of six to eight for tenants not considered to be good enough and a rating of 9 which is deemed as the worst rating.
Steve concludes "being a landlord we are always last to know if a tenant is looking to move, therefore if an letting agent has a tenant on Tenants History and their tenant is searched by a perspective landlord, that agent will automatically receive an e-mail from Tenants History stating that their tenant has been searched, therefore the tenant is looking to move.  Then I suggest you go and inspect the property and this could minimize the fact of the tenant leaving the property in an absolute state or "doing a runner", all of this is a totally FREE service to any letting agent or landlord.
So why don't you register today and join in on the crusade "reducing the risk of bad tenants"
Full details about Tenants' History please go to


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