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Question Time for Agent Tracker!

01 February 2012


Question time for Agent Tracker
Agent Tracker is a unique review site ,which means that all reviews on agent tracker are verified. We are the ONLY online review site to do this.
What is a verified review and why you can trust them?
The reviews on our site can only be left by clients who have received an individual six- digit code, which they then use to log on and leave a review. You can trust these reviews because it ensures that it is only the estate agent’s customers leaving them.
What is the importance of being verified?
This ensures that the reviews you read are from bona fide customers. Not competitors or even the estate agents themselves.
How can anyone be sure that the estate agent isn’t leaving reviews themselves?
Our technology ensures that only one code can be generated to the clients e-mail address. The review is then submitted from the client using the code. A review submitted from a conflicting email address is identified and checked for validation.
How do we know that Estate agents aren’t “cherry picking” which clients leave reviews?
Clients should receive their passcode from the moment they instruct an estate agent to sell their home or when they have an offer accepted on a property. When leaving reviews clients are asked at what stage were they given the code?
Why did you start Agent Tracker?
We have a financial services background and have dealt with Estate Agents for many years. As mortgage brokers we were dealing with clients who had a lot of good things to say about their estate agent and so decided to support agents by helping change public perception. We came up with a way to ensure the reviews were verified.
Do you think you are qualified enough to help estate agents?
By being an independent review site the public can see we are working alongside the Estate Agency profession to help ensure that the service standards expected by customers are met and delivered. We all share key qualifications- enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to agent tracker! We want estate agents to receive the recognition they deserve!
How will it help?
It helps estate agents stay committed to the brilliant service they should be known for; it helps customers pick an estate agent who’s going to be perfect for them; it makes estate agent’s feel confident that their image will be not be ruined due to untruthful reviews left on other sites and above all it gives recognition to the outstanding estate agents out there thanks to our ‘Agent Tracker Certificate Of Service Excellence & Customer Approval’.
So what does it mean if an estate agent has an ‘Agent Tracker Certificate of Service Excellence & Customer Approval’?
This certificate will reassure potential clients that the Estate Agent or Letting Agent has performed to a high standard over the last 6 months. Their verified reviews will continue to grow as Estate Agents and Letting Agents work hard to achieve the award every 6 months!
Is it possible to leave an unverified review?
It is possible to leave a review on the site without a six-digit code however the review won’t be posted until the customer has proved they used the estate agent by either sending us proof (such as a letter from the estate agent to them confirming business) or the estate agent confirming the customer.
Do you have a charge?
We charge the estate agent £25 +v.a.t. per year to become registered on our site.
How can you be independent of you have a charge?
We charge all estate agents the same amount, the charge covers administration fees which means its hassle free for the estate agent!
Does the agent have a right to reply?
Yes they do, we are promoting a positive relationship between the estate agent and client. There is a facility for agents to reply to feedback.
Will you be promoting the site?
Our objective is for the estate agent to use agent tracker as an instruction winning tool to either, take on visit’s or use for local marketing..
Agents already using us have been promoting the site via local press releases and marketing.
We supply press release material along with marketing material such as template leaflets.
There are a few estate agent review sites around, what do you think about that?
We welcome there being as much information as possible out there as long as it does genuinely support estate agents and we have found that with unverified reviews it becomes very difficult to trust what’s the truth and what’s not. With Agent Tracker you can trust the reviews are from genuine customers.
Why would an estate agent use your review site?
It would benefit estate agents to use as much positive publicity as possible. 
Giving clients confidence by offering them true accountability should give you an edge over agents who are not prepared to be transparent about their service standards.
Is your list of agents up to date?
We have a team constantly checking the agent tracker database for any current changes.
To see how useful agent tracker could be to your business check out some of the estate agents already using it with brilliant outcomes!
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