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how to get the best out of a estate agent-customer relationship

25 January 2012

How to form a perfect bond between you and your customer…

1.       The key to a good relationship is communication, listen to your customer. Surprise them with a feature window that lights up the room. Not just the price and number of rooms.

2.       Respond to enquiries, return their calls and don’t wait for them to ring you, ring them first! E-mail is also a handy way to show your customer how much they mean to you.

3.       Make your customer feel wanted…

4.       But at the same time reassure them that they want you too, list the benefits of using an estate agent versus a private sale.

5.       Don’t ever stand them up or leaving them waiting, if you’re going to be late make sure you tell them.

6.       Interest your customer; tell them things they want to hear as opposed to the obvious. No one likes a bore.

7.       Always be ready with a plan B, if a sale falls through you’ll be the best thing that’s happened to them if you’re prepared.

8.       Make the effort to provide reliable conveyances and mortgage advisors to support your customer through their journey.

9.       Give advice on how to maximise the chance and value of a sale or let.

10.   Encourage your customer to interact and engage with the property description, get them involved.

11.   Don’t judge before you know them, keep an open mind. You may find the best relationship you’ve ever had.

12.   Be honest.

13.   Share pictures and details to make your customer feel reassured and comfortable.

14.   Avoid complacency (if you know what to do, keep doing it!)

15.   Be there for them out of hours and on weekends.

16.   Mix things up a bit once you get to know your customers, show them something they may not even know they like!

17.   Educate the first timers.

18.   Keep everything organised, you wouldn’t want a mix up between customers!

19.   Share as many details as you can: use google street map?

20.   Make sure your information on your website is up to date; it may be the first thing a customer judges you on.

And the most important tip! 
Every relationship involves a bit of give and take, but to ensure success with your customer make sure your always putting in the extra 10%

Be the best Estate Agent you can be! and for help visit agent tracker..

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