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Giving Estate Agents And Letting Agents The Quality Reviews They Deserve

18 January 2012


Who are we and what are we providing for you?
We are an independent verified review website working together with Estate Agents and Letting Agents to enhance the public perception of Estate Agents and Letting Agents, so that the service standards expected by customers can be published on an independent platform. We are the ONLY verified review website, what this means is no review can be left without either: receiving a unique 6 digit number from the estate agent or the comments being checked by the experienced team here at Agent Tracker and the Estate Agent or Letting Agent used.
This ensures the reviews read are from bona fide customers.
We also want to ensure that the reviews on the website give an accurate idea about the Estate Agent or Letting Agent being chosen. This will make sure that thereviews read are not just the good ones that Estate Agents or the Letting Agents have carefully selected but genuine, honestreviews from real sellers or buyers.
Agent Tracker’s aim is to provide verified reviews that will give recognition to the Estate Agents and Letting Agents delivering a good service so they stand out and be will recognised.
Customers will receive their password from the moment they instruct an Estate Agent or Letting Agent to sell their home or in the case of a buyer. This will mean buyers and sellers get a chance to leave a review and that the estate agent cannot pick which customers have the facility to leave reviews and which ones don't.
We want you to know that if it's an Agent Tracker review, it's one you can trust.

Do I want to know a little bit more about the service standards myEstate Agent or Letting Agent is offering?

Would I like the opportunity to choose anEstate Agent or Letting Agent knowing there was real accountability on the way they would treat me as a customer?

These are important questions for the customer to consider when choosing an Estate Agent or Letting Agent.
 With increasing numbers of people relying on review sites to help them to make an informed decision on products and services, our site Agent Tracker has been created to fill the gap needed to help customers choose the right Estate Agent or Letting Agent to market their property and also help Estate Agents and Letting Agents understand the needs of sellers and buyers by giving VERIFIED reviews.

Estate Agents and Letting Agents will be monitored on service standards that are rated and reviewed by customers and the important feedback left by customers will help them improve their service.

Upon delivery of satisfactory service they will be awarded the Agent Tracker Certificate Of Service Excellence & Customer Approval. This certificate will reassure potential customers that the Estate Agent or Letting Agent has performed to a high standard over the last 6 months. Their verified reviews will on continue to grow as Estate Agents and Letting Agents work hard to achieve the award every 6 months!

This makes sure that the customers can give due praise or criticism to the Estate Agent or Letting Agent and score them on vital components of service.
The Agent Tracker Approved Certificate

Our aim is to make sure every Estate Agent and Letting Agent in the UK can provide one of these certificates.
Trust Agent Tracker, for a quality verified review of Estate Agents and Letting Agents.
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