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Room for Improvement

20 September 2011

Room for Improvement

Historically we've seen that at the end of the school holidays there's an increase in activity across the housing market – it's a time when people have more time to plan ahead and this invariably leads to decisions around moving house. So if you're thinking of selling your home in the coming months, there are a few tips on how to get your home looking ship shape, and sold for the best possible price.

It's important that you approach the issue of improvements in the right way; otherwise you may risk losing valuable equity by spending more money on your property than is wise. When talking about home improvements, loft conversions, extensions and kitchen enhancements are often highlighted as good areas to increase value in a property, but care must be taken.
You should consider seeking the expertise of a chartered surveyor to advise on the extra value that a conversion or extension project will add before going ahead with the work.
It's important to ensure that expenditure is kept in proportion to the value of the home. For example, a £20,000 kitchen installed in a £150,000 home might just be a bit over the top in terms of adding value.

A relatively simple measure that can help saleability is keeping up with general maintenance of outside areas. A tidy front garden, clean windows, clear guttering and fresh paintwork can all add to the so-called 'kerb appeal' of a particular property. Poor workmanship and décor which is too individual can also have an effect on potential buyers and may mean a lower offer.

There are things that can be avoided by careful planning before undertaking any alterations which could help towards an increased valuation. It should be painfully obvious to most people that when making changes to a home, you must comply with the necessary building regulations and, in many cases, get planning permission.

So if you're undertaking any improvements with a view to selling or adding value to your home it's a good idea for you to do plenty of homework and obviously keep the costs down without cutting corners.

To get the best advice on the value of your home, and the added value any refurbishments could make to your property, why not enlist a Colleys property surveyor. They'll visit your property and provide a detailed report on the condition of your property, including a guide to the cost of any essential repairs or maintenance, and an assessment of value. Visit for more information, or to request a survey.

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