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The Real Value of Good Service

06 September 2011

Unlike the USA, somewhere along the way Britain seems to have missed out on a service driven culture. Whilst the services industry represents a huge proportion of our nation’s output and our economy, we haven’t quite got to grips with the fact that customers ultimately pay our bills.

I would imagine everyone at some point has been in a restaurant staring at their bill thinking “Why on earth do I have to pay so much for service?” when you’ve been treated like something the cat dragged in. For some reason we put up with poor service and complain to friends about it later. Last week I spent an hour online trying to find an email address for a ticket company which had failed to send me my theatre tickets, despite charging me a large “service fee”. I had spent even longer on the phone trying to resolve the situation before hanging up in disgust.

Previously I have talked about what a “basic” mortgage valuation is compared with a more detailed survey report which is designed to give a lot more information to the buyer of a property.

I have seen instances where buyers of older properties request a survey report but are so shocked at the contents of the report that they decide not to go ahead with the purchase. However, when I saw copies of the report, there was nothing in it that was incorrect, but what it did not say was that the property was in fact a property worth buying at the particular figure. If they had had a chance to speak to the surveyor then they would have found this out and would have undoubtedly continued with their purchase.

Sadly most surveyors aren’t accessible to the people who really are the customers, i.e. those buying the house. However it is refreshing that Colleys has spent a long time talking to its customers to find out what they really want and have found that sometimes even a detailed report isn’t enough. Last year they launched a service called “Prestige” where for a small fee customers can not only get the get a detailed thorough report on the condition of the property but they can also meet the surveyor to talk about the report.  

Most surveyors have years of experience looking at properties in the local property market they operate. They can offer invaluable advice and information so it's great to see that Colleys has worked out the best way of helping its customers tap into the experience and wisdom of its surveyors in a way that fully meets their needs and ensures they get the best service possible. 

If you think this service may be for you, check visit for more information.

Jonathan Cornell (in association with Colleys, Surveyors) 






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