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Wills: Why You Need One & Why They Are Always Avoided

05 April 2016


Did you know that 53% of adults living in the United Kingdom have never written a will? This means that 27 million people will not have a choice in who or where their money, valuables and property go to once they pass away.


The most common reasons people give for not making a will are:


  • They haven’t got around to it (51.6%)
  • It is not necessary (12.4%)
  • They do not want to think about death (12.3%)


Although it may not be something at the forefront of your mind or too scary to think about, if you have not written one, the ones you treasure the most may be left with nothing. In this case, the government decides on your behalf meaning that your belongings may not be passed on to the rightful people. It is a common misconception to assume that your partner or children will automatically be given your belongings without a will, but don’t be fooled! Take a look at these unwanted but very much possible scenarios:


  • If you are not married, your partner will not receive a single thing. 
  • If you have children from a previous relationship, there is a chance that they too may not receive any of your assets.
  • Ex partners could make a claim on your estate.
  • Children under 18 may be taken into care while the courts decide who looks after them. 



To avoid this happening, we have introduced our new service: agent tracker wills, the quick & simple will writing service to fit around your busy lifestyle. Just like you, we understand how easy it off to put off something until the tomorrow that never comes so make today the day you finally get around to writing your will, to ensure that your loved ones will always be protected. 




Just 3 simple steps! All you need to do is:


  1. Give us your details over the phone or via our online instruction sheet
  2. We write your will & post it to you 
  3. You sign your will



What does it do?


  • Set out your properties & possessions
  • Choose your beneficiaries
  • Appoint an executor who you trust to carry out the wishes of your will the way you want 
  • Appoint a guardian for your children & pets
  • Choose your trustees
  • Specify any charities or people that you wish to leave a gift to 


For more information or to write yours today visit the link available here. 




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