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Don't Allow Unwanted Visitors Into Your Home This Christmas

22 December 2015


Christmas is only a few days away so it is guaranteed that many of us will be out celebrating festivities with loved ones or dashing about for those last few gifts. It is easy to get caught up in the rush of the Christmas craziness, but it is important that we do not neglect our homes because of this. Although we may not like to think it, it is the prime time for break-ins to occur as homes will be unattended more often whilst the parties are in full swing and shopping for the perfect turkey is underway. This leaves a welcome note for burglars to sneak in and take all of our new gifts from under the tree.

 A survey by More Than revealed that houses are 13% more likely to be burgled during December than any other month in the year. There have already been multiple cases of this happening this year which can be seen here. Of course it is not an ideal situation if it happens to you but if it does, most people do not realise that they may have something called “special events cover”. This is a clause within an insurance policy whereby your insurance company increases the value of contents owned by you by 10% one month before & one month after a special event or religious festival.

A Christmas miracle!

Even though special events cover may reimburse you for the money lost, it will not compensate for the time & effort you put into carefully choosing & wrapping all those heartfelt gifts. We can all agree that it would be better if this didn’t happen at all so here are some quick & easy tips on how to prevent unwanted visitors this Christmas. Besides, nobody likes a Grinch!


Don’t put your Christmas tree up near a window

Some of us just aren’t as festive as others so we decide to put our tree up by a window as a means of decoration. Whilst this shows the Kringles of the world that you are not a complete bah-humbug, it also perfectly displays your presents to the Grinches who like to steal Christmas. If this really is the only place you can put your tree then..

 Don’t put your presents under the tree until Christmas Day

As we said, this allows onlookers to see all of your gifts & provides them with a tempting invite.  

Leave your lights on

This goes for any time of year as it makes it harder for burglars to identify which houses are occupied & which are not. Make the most of your Christmas lights, they are only here once a year after all!

Lock your doors & windows

This may seem like a standard procedure, but it easy to forget whilst you are sitting at home with a hot drink around the fire and suddenly remember that you forgot to buy your nephew a present & have to run out.

 Don’t ask for your deliveries to be left anywhere outside

 We live in an age of constant busyness which increases even more at this time of year so online shopping makes our lives that little bit easier. We always have that worry at the back of our minds that it may not come in time or you may not be home when it arrives but never allow a package to be left outside of your house as not only does this make it more likely to be taken, but also signifies that no one is home. 


So, just take a look over your home insurance policy to check whether you are covered for special events like Christmas and please take every precaution that you possibly can to avoid any thefts that would prevent your Christmas from being merry.


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