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The Benefits Of Conveyancing: Extension Leases

04 December 2015

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Want an additional service to offer your clients which will make your agency even more superb? Welcome Agent Tracker conveyancing – the service which allows you to control your customers’ legal transactions whilst providing you with an additional income stream.

As you may know, a common way for landlords or flat-owners to make more money is by their leaseholders/tenants extending their leases on the properties they are living in. Wouldn’t it be great if they could do this directly through the people who sold them the property in the first place? This is where your opportunity for Agent Tracker conveyancing arises. Let’s explain how it works..

Your client needs an extension on a lease but doesn’t know who to go to. You tell them about our conveyancing service where we then refer them to a choice of over 150 solicitor firms. The recommendation is based on the price, service & locality best suited to them. We then assure them that there is a no completion, no legal fee guarantee.

This leaves you with a happy client and £300 for your instruction to us! You can then add your local solicitor to your panel (subject to qualification criteria) & continue to earn money per each instruction.

Interested in Agent Tracker conveyancing? Please call us on 0203 245 2860 or by email at for more information.





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