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Interview with Roydon Weekes, sales director of Kings

29 June 2016

"Don't find excuses, find solutions": Roydon Weekes on how he went from sheet metal welding, to sales director of Kings

Born in Hackney & of caribbean descent, sales director Roydon deals with the whole side of the estate agency part of the Kings Group. This ranges from the conveyancing department, right through to negotiators. His role restricts his ability to do the baseline of what negotiators do but he still gets involved on occasion. 

"Part of our training programme is that I will go down & train any negotiator that is having problems. I am a firm believer in not telling people what to do. In other words, I wouldn't ask you to do what I wouldn't do myself. I just treat anyone that works for me like my family
After all, he has been in that position himself! He began working for the Kings Group as a trainee negotiator in 2004 & through a process of promotions & company expansion, he eventually ended up in their head office. 

It feels magical to have gotten to this position but I tend not to get too hung up on titles. The most satisfying part of this job is that I like helping people. The team is me & everyone else, we are not a part of Kings, we are all Kings - we are all one."

It appears that promoting success & helping people is a big part of the ethos at Kings.
"We like to take on people who have little experience in this field but are hardworking individuals. I had someone working for me before who started out at Clinton Cards & he was one of the best agents to date.”

He states that the unique selling point of Kings is "energy". 

"We tend to have a lot of younger staff because of the way we work. A traditional estate agency is very laid-back in the sense that it is always as if they are waiting for the phone to ring or waiting for something to happen before they deal with it. On the other hand, Kings are a proactive agency that is out there trying to do what needs to be done to be a success & thats not just selling your property, it’s from getting it through. That is the most difficult bit because that is where the banana skins really come out & a good agent has to pre sell, pre warn, pre deal with those problems before they turn into something catastrophic.

If anyone knows how hard the world of sales can be, it’s Mr. Weekes. After leaving his job in the trade industry working for a sheet metal welding company, he started a sales job at a company called Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. 

"I used to struggle massively getting sales & thought that it wasn't possible. My manager then came out with me to show me how easily it could be done which began the start of my motto “Don’t find excuses, find solutions”. This job gave me the skills I needed to be where I am today.”
So how does a sheet metal welder end up becoming so successful in the estate agency industry?
  • Ethics, how you approach what it is you do.


  • Hard work, everyone says it but you can’t underestimate the ability to roll your sleeves up & get stuck in.


  • Initiative, when Im recruiting, everyone always says “I can think or use my own initiative” but I don’t think they really understand what initiative is. To me it really is, you could leave me on a desert island & I could find my way back home.”
He says that the secret to true success & to overcoming competitors is to simply keep on trying to be better.
"Whether that is with staff, technology, how you present yourself, how you act, reviews. If you get good staff on board, then you stay ahead for a bit until the other agents catch up then you have to move onto another one of these levels.

It has become increasingly apparent that the majority of clients will read online reviews before they make a decision. For that reason, Kings has had to get on board with Agent Tracker & we fully embrace it”.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new systems & new faces being introduced to Kings this year.
The plan for 2016 is to take on more employees & new systems. This industry relies on quick actions & the system we previously had could not keep up. We have just implemented a new one which is supposed to be the best & enhance us as agents because it allows us to deal across the group. Now we are trying to be more innovative to be able to not only keep up, but go further."

Question Time:

What is your greatest achievement?

That is a tough one because I have 4 children & I’m married! I wouldn’t say I actually have one. If you put me on the spot, theres loads of things I can say that were a great achievement, but there isn't one greater than the other. I’m yet to have one.

Who is your role model?

I believe in me. There are people who may have a better house or a better car but ultimately these are not people I would classify as role models. I believe in myself and what I’m doing.

Who are you backing in the UEFA Euro 2016?

Haha! Initially, I was supporting Portugal but they have been horrendous. I’d love Belgium to do well, they have the players so they should go far. Honestly, I couldn’t call it. Poland have also done well. It’s anyones game at this point. 

What affect do you think Brexit will have on the industry?

Interest rates could be affected. I also predict that the Pound will become weaker, there may be less stability and these changes are not beneficial for this industry. However, it should be noted that there are merits to coming out also. 

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