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27 July 2011

Last time I wrote about how paying for a more detailed property survey can actually save you money. By getting more information about the condition of the property you are buying it can give you more scope for negotiation with the vendors of the property. You will also have a better idea as to how much money you will need to spend and what work needs doing first.

However there can be few areas of life where we aren’t asked to pay more for a premium option, whether it's Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range, Marks and Spencer's Autograph range or even HD TV. With all of those upgrades a lot of money is spent on marketing trying to convince us that it's worth spending the extra; however with surveying it’s difficult to know what extra you are getting as the surveying industry hasn’t concentrated on educating prospective house buyers about the levels of surveys available.
Colleys has recently produced a short video showing what a surveyor does when they are carrying out a detailed report. It’s a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a professional surveyor. The video is available for viewing on On the website there is also an excellent menu card of the range of surveys that Colleys offer, a bit like a car wash where you can see what you can get by paying a bit extra. The most basic report is a Colleys Valuation, the next one up is the Colleys Property Check and the most detailed report is a Colleys Building Survey. Those who have a requirement for a service can pay for the Prestige Service where you can have a detailed conversation with your surveyor about the property and the report. 
Most people are happy to pay extra if they think that doing so gives them a better value product or service but until you know what your extra money gets you, you aren't likely to put your hand deeper into your pocket.
Jonathan Cornell (in association with Colleys, Surveyors) 


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