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Why Location is important.

13 June 2014


 It has often been said the factor to consider most when buying a home is its location. Location, location, location – is the mantra we get drummed into us. Of course location isn’t the only consideration when choosing a home, but is does require considerable thought.

 Many buyers tend to have an idea of their dream home; the number of bedrooms, the character of the property, kitchen space, etc. but its locality can be more subjective.

  1. Property value

We all know the location of a property can have a significant affect on its value.

Buying in a noisy location (such as near an airport or close by to a motorway) will unfortunately affect your property’s appeal to future buyers as the noise and pollution might be too adverse for some to consider. This can then affect you in the long run as it could make it difficult to selling your property when wanting to move home.

 However if you target a flourishing location, such as Soho, your property will rise in value and may indeed turn out to be a canny investment.


2. Catchment areas

Do you have or are planning to have children, then living in a good catchment area is key. It’s important to purchase a home in a successful school district; even if you don’t have children families will always look for a good quality catchment area when they look to buy a home.

 The local government website has a vast amount of information on local schools, and don’t forget to check the waiting lists before you decide on buying and moving home.

 3. Transport links

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home late and having to walk miles to get home, especially in the dark. The closer the property is to key transport links, such as tube, rail or bus stations, the more someone will pay for a home that increases the convenience for them.

 This is particularly important if you have children and don’t drive. It’s quick and easy to walk to your nearest bus stop and hop on the bus. It will save you money in car fuel /insurance/tax if you don’t drive.

 4. Safety

Crime is something which is considerably growing all over the world. Everyone is concerned about safety as crime can happen anywhere at any time. It’s important for you to feel safe in your neighbourhood. Therefore you should do research to find some of the best and safest areas when buying a property. Living in a safe environment will definitely increase the value of your property.



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